What is Atomic Design?

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Originally termed and explained in a book by Brad Frost, Atomic Design is a process of designing using smaller pieces called “Atoms”. Then taking those building blocks and creating, “Molecules,” “Organisms,” “Templates” and “Pages” which are ever increasingly larger collages of their … Continued

Intro to AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages

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We have been recently researching different ways to help increase site speed and performance, especially on mobile devices. It seems in some ways the web is going back to when I first started web design in the early 2000’s. We … Continued

An Introduction Into Google Adwords

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Google Adwords Google.com/adwords/ Adwords is Google’s advertising platform that allows business to advertise on google searches, YouTube videos., etc.. Basically where Google gets most of it’s billions from. Adwords allows you to advertise in any specified location either Princeton, NJ … Continued