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At Inforest Communications, we work a lot with WordPress as a Content Management System (CMS), and also tend to use the Twitter Bootstrap framework as a starting point for our HTML/CSS layouts.  Recently we completed a project using the WP-Members plugin in order to provide a basic, password-protected area of a website.  As is the case with plugins, the default HTML markup doesn’t always fit with what we are trying to achieve, so there is some degree of noodling required to get the output generated by the plugin to do what you want it to do.

To it’s credit, WP-Members does provide hooks and pluggable functions for modifying the form output.  Rather than going to the trouble of writing hooks, I decided to simply write new functions to generate the forms for Bootstrap, because it was easier and I assumed any changes to these functions would probably require rewriting hooks anyway.

I’ve posted these functions to my GitHub Repository, wp-members-bootstrap-forms.  Hopefully, it will save someone the trouble of having to key these changes in themselves.

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Dana is founder of Inforest Communications and has over fifteen years of Web design and development experience. Dana is involved in all aspects of business development and marketing of the firm, including serving as primary consultant on Internet and Web strategy to Inforest clients. His Web development responsibilities are primarily focused on writing custom modules,themes and plugins to make Drupal and WordPress sites run and look better. He also writes custom Web applications that have been used in online calendaring, e­-commerce and surveys.

Dana’s favorite programming acronyms are PHP, MySQL, CSS3, HTML5 and jQuery. However, what really gets him excited is the opportunity to use these tools to build Web sites that solve business needs and create new opportunities for his clients.