Our Web Development Process

Inforest Communications’ methodology for developing Web projects focuses on the development of basic site architecture and content before investing heavily in visual design. We have found that such a “bottom-up” design process simply makes for better and more thoughtful visual design, while ensuring that potential problems in site architecture and navigation are addressed earlier in the process.

Site Outline.

Introduced as part of a proposal or consultation, the initial site outline provides a map of how the site is to be organized, as well as identifies the type and scope of content for the various pages of a site. If Web-based programs are required for interactive features or maintenance, these are also specified

Content and Application Development.

Using the Initial Site Outline as a guide, written copy and digital media are developed for each of the planned Web pages and are incorporated into a simple Initial Site Architecture. This working XHTML blueprint allows us to incorporate and test navigation elements and ensure that the architecture and organization of the site is logical and efficient. In addition, any Web-based applications are developed at this time.

Design Composition and Specification.

Integrating the Initial Site Architecture, research of client marketing goals and client interviews, a detailed design sketch is developed. This composition includes all specifications with regard to the “look and feel” of the site, including typefaces, color palette, logos and supporting graphics. The design sketch is approved by the client, with additional sketches or revisions provided as necessary.

Site Coding.

This is the process of marrying the Initial Site Architecture with the Design Composition. We start with developing templates which are rigorously tested on a wide range of browsers and platforms. These templates are then applied to the existing XHTML blueprint pages. Since the site’s content and architecture is already in place, applying the site design is a fairly quick process.

Site Refinement and Testing.

The final leg in our process involves yet another round of testing and editing. The site is proofread and checked for errors. Forms and other interactive elements are tested. In addition, the client is trained in utilizing the interactive elements of the site and programs to help them maintain the site. Log analysis tools are installed and periodic maintenance scripts are scheduled.

We believe that gathering and developing site content is the most timeintensive step in our process, for both Inforest Communications and our clients. However, once an Initial Site Architecture is developed, our process accelerates very quickly and generally avoids extensive revisions in later steps.