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Google Adwords
Adwords is Google’s advertising platform that allows business to advertise on google searches, YouTube videos., etc.. Basically where Google gets most of it’s billions from. Adwords allows you to advertise in any specified location either Princeton, NJ or Globally. Signing up for Google AdWords is free. You only pay when someone clicks your ad to visit your website, or calls you.

AdWords Shake-up — February 23, 2016

Google made major changes to AdWords, removing right-column ads entirely and rolling out 4-ad top blocks on many commercial searches. While this was a paid search update, it had significant implications for Click Through Rate (the percentage of people who click your ad) for both paid and organic results, especially on competitive keywords.

Keyword planner

Is an amazing (FREE) tool from google that helps you choose your keywords. It lets you know how many monthly searches, what the competition for the keyword is, and what the suggested bid is. Just keep in mind it was created for Adwords so unless you are doing an Adwords campaign not all the information will be useful to you.

The keyword planner is helpful because the same terms that you would advertise for in Adwords are the same terms that you would want to use for your organic searches. So if the keyword is Web Designer than we would want to use the term in our bio on our home page, in our page title. Etc.,

For example, when we first started “Keyword Advertising” we advertised for Web Development because we do coding and design. After some trial and error we realised that although we are “Web Developers” the keywords that were being searched for was “Web Design” and “Web Designers”.

How much is a click-thru worth for “Website Design” in Princeton, NJ?


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