With Drupal Commerce, it is not just about what the little things we can do with the software out of the box,
but the big things we can ultimately build with it.

Inforest Communications is adept with both Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 versions of Drupal Commerce.  In addition to developing custom modules for the unique needs of our client sites, we have contributed a module for management of multiple shopping carts.  We are also active in discussion and contributing patches to improve and extend Drupal Commerce and associated code.

Drupal Commerce puts your online store on one of the most flexible and powerful website building frameworks available.  While there are many available platforms specific to eCommerce, there aren’t many that are as fundamentally integrated as part of a world-class content management system.  With Drupal as a foundation, Inforest can more easily extend your website to accomplish more tasks and meet the specific business needs of your organization than we can with most other software.

For example, Inforest has used Drupal Commerce to allow salespeople to create and handoff shopping carts for their clients to review and checkout.  We’ve also added tools for scheduling and management of shipping calendars. We’ve tied Drupal Commerce to legacy order management and accounting systems as well as tied purchases to access of online services.  In all cases, the built-in capabilities and flexibility of Drupal makes it easier to build websites that do more than just take orders.

So, if you are considering eCommerce, but are wondering how you are going to handle some specific aspect of your business, consider Drupal Commerce as a good starting point for your project and consider Inforest Communications to help you build it.