eCommerce software and consulting that fits your business.

The ability to integrate eCommerce websites with new or existing business and accounting systems is what separates Inforest Communications from those who only offer canned software or third party services.

Inforest can also wholly customize your customer’s shopping and checkout experience to better fit your business and increase sales conversions.

  • Setup of merchant accounts selecting payment gateways
  • Development and tuning of velocity controls, captcha and other fraud prevention measures
  • Explanation of and response to third party security audit issues
  • Determination of shipping and handling rates and/or obtaining on the fly quotes from UPS, FedEx, USPS and other shipping services.
  • Integration with fulfillment centers, and creation of custom packing slips.
  • Affiliate program integration, provision drop shipping programs and setup of third-party sales channels, such as Fulfillment by Amazon and Ebay
  • Sales reporting integration with Google Analytics, which can be linked to Google Ads and other channels.
  • Landing page design, pay-per-click, social media ads and search engine optimization

Powered by Drupal Commerce and WooCommerce

Inforest does all this with the help of open source software, from utilizing frameworks such as Drupal Commerce and WordPress/WooCommerce or writing our own tools. Open source allows us to collaborate with other developers on the creation and refinement of the code we utilize on our projects, while also providing an enormous foundation of software that runs the websites we develop. Do you have needs for an eCommerce store with difficult requirements? Do you have a legacy shopping cart that needs to be revamped? We are here to help! We’ve worked with OSCommerce, Magento and all manner of legacy PHP programming based websites. Looking for recommendations on starting new? Read more about our current work with Drupal Commerce and WooCommerce, too great options for modern web store options!

Why is my E-Commerce store not getting traffic?

Much to many of our chagrin, we set up an E-Commerce store and it’s not getting any traffic. I feel that many people look at E-Commerce as some sort of magic pill. We set up a store and instantly we will be selling products and making money.  It usually doesn’t work like that. Selling online…

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More on modifying entity access queries in Drupal Commerce

This is a short follow up to a previous post that covered how to alter access restriction queries for Drupal Commerce entities.  This includes situations where you want to show information in a View but need to provide an alternate logic for allowing access to view the results. My previous post details a function that utilizes…

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Modifying Commerce Line Item Access control in Drupal Commerce 7

Drupal Commerce provides a number of “entities” that serve as content containers for the various elements of an e-commerce order. These entities include products, customer profiles (addresses), and orders. In addition, Drupal Commerce uses a “line item” entity to specify entries outlining products, tax and shipping fees that make up an order. In most cases, access to…

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