Facebook Live for Small Business

Facebook Live and other streaming video services are great ways for small businesses to market and promote their goods and services. Some of the benefits of marketing using Facebook live include;

  • it’s is easy to setup on a large and diverse network,
  • Facebook seems to give importance to live video posts, and
  • live video is a great way to interact with your clients and potential clients.

Some great ways to use Facebook live is behind the scenes videos, product launches, answer FAQs and events.

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Posted by Kevin C. Lawton, Coldwell Banker Schiavone & Associates on Sunday, October 16, 2016

Behind the Scenes videos are a great way to show how your business works. People love seeing what goes on in a business away from the polished veneer of typical communications. Kevin Lawton a Realtor for Coldwell Banker uses Facebook Live to do house tours.

“I like Facebook live because it is truly live and it gives the chance for people to ask you things while you are live”, says Kevin. “So in my case, someone could say ‘Can I see the bedroom?’ and I can go to the bedroom and show it.” Kevin has been using live video for several months and while he hasn’t had many followers during his broadcasts, he is seeing more engagement with the video after the fact compared to other posts. “I think a big thing about it, especially if you are selling, is that people can see your personality and who you really are… It may not be the home for that person, but they may like my personality and decide to work with me in the future.”

Joseph Harford the founder of Reclamere uses FB Live to introduce his online security products. “The quality is not that of a studio, but I do not think that people mind that at all.  I believe that viewers want something ‘now’ and giving up quality for that immediacy is important.” Joseph also likes the fact that Facebook Live is easy for him to use. “Even a 50 year old dude can make it happen.  It is simple, fun, and worthwhile.”

The author of this post, Leon Rainbow, use Facebook live to promote events, such as Jersey Fresh Jam. He has found that it helps interested attendees understand what is going on at an event and whether they want to attend. “If you show a Facebook Live post when the event is first starting, I’ve found it leads to a 10%-15% jump in attendance. It also gives you a chance to answer any questions and concerns at the exact moment like parking issues, directions or what people should bring with them.”

For the small businesses interviewed, using Facebook Live is a “no brainer” – its easy to set up and costs little more than the time invested.  Live streaming is a great way to reach clients in the moment by answering questions, showcasing new products, and highlighting services and techniques. While Facebook Live is relatively new for both small businesses and their customers alike, it looks like a great tool for strengthening these relationships going forward. As Kevin Lawton concludes, “I think it is a long run game and really a play towards helping your brand.”