Microsoft replaces blogging service with WordPress?!?

Microsoft recently switched users from their own blogging site to, a blogging service powered by the popular WordPress blogging/Content Management System (CMS) software. What is notable about this development to me is that Worpress is an “open source” project written in the non-Microsoft, PHP scripting language.

There are several other takeaways from this development:

  • The move is an important endorsement of the WordPress platform, one of the CMS tools we work with.
  • It indicates that at least one division of Microsoft is realizing that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel and write your own platform. Ars Technica discusses this in their blog post.
  • Automattic, the company behind WordPress might be acquired by Microsoft, as pondered by Conceivably Tech blog.
  • We might not have realized it, but WordPress is a significant player in the blogging service scene.

As always, its always nice to have news like this to keep the Microsoft-only developer fanboys in check.