New Zoom Apps

Zoom has announced on July 21, 2021 the integration of apps inside of their video conferencing platform.

” Zoom Apps, you can streamline workflows, collaborate with colleagues, and also bring elements of fun and wellness into your interactions with colleagues, friends, and family members. Zoom Apps gives you plenty of screen space to collaborate with the ability to expand and collapse the Apps side panel, open your app in a new window, and switch between multiple Zoom Apps at once.” via Zoom

A Selection Of Apps We Like


The online collaborative whiteboard that brings teams together. Use Miro and Zoom for brainstorms, workshops, design sprints, agile rituals, and more.


The Asana for Zoom integration enables teams to work together more effectively with purposeful meetings that connect conversations to action items.


Make any Zoom call a bit more exciting with over 3 million free photo backgrounds from the Pexels library


Host and join interactive quizzes and presentations directly within Zoom, and make virtual meetings, lessons, and social get-togethers awesome!


Live transcription and easy note-taking for your Zoom meetings.

Draw with Scribble Together

A simple, elegant whiteboard. Beloved by tutors, teachers, teams, grandparents and kids of all ages. Anyone can join via the web, extra great with iOS

This is an interesting move for Zoom and it makes a lot of sense. They are greatly expanding the scope of their platform. We have all been on a zoom meeting and had another window open to take notes, but now you can add the Colibri app and it can transcribe for you. Or if you need a virtual background on the fly you can now search the 3 million virtual backgrounds in the Pexel App. These are just a couple of examples of how the apps will revolutionize the way we use the Zoom Platform.