Do You Work With Art Organization, Gallery Or Museum?

Let Us Create A Custom Gallery For Your Next Online Sale Or Virtual Event!

Increase sales and community reach by incorporating Inforest’s Online Art Gallery into your next show, contest or exhibition. By supplementing your physical gallery with a virtual one, you can overcome capacity limits, expand your audience and enhance marketing for your event and for your artists.

The Online Art Gallery also makes it easy to accept and manage submissions electronically, saving hours of administrative time and frustration. Any number of custom fields can be added to describe each piece and data can be exported to a spreadsheet for generating labels or print catalogs. Juried shows or select exhibitions are also easier to execute as artwork is accessible by judges from anywhere at any time.

Selling individual pieces online through PayPal is easy with an automated availability tool which moves pieces in and out of inventory depending on sales status. By offering online sales, you remove the bottleneck of limited gallery capacity and hours while increasing your potential audience. For example, Artworks of Trenton enjoyed their most successful “10×10” show ever with the help of an Online Art Gallery, even in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

Sharing on social media is foolproof, with gallery and individual pages optimized to work wth Facebook, Twitter and other platforms. Harness the reach of your artists to promote your show to their individual networks. Receieve detailed Google Analytic reports on gallery traffic, sources and visitor interactions to gain insights on your audience and better understand their interests.

And when the show is over, you will have a complete archive of the gallery which you can post to your own website or store for reference.

How It Works

Artists submit work through a WordPress website. That information is used to dynamically create a gallery. You login and approve the submissions. Your clients purchase through PayPal.

Key Process Steps

  • Customize entry field (website/video links, art and artist details)
  • Receive submissions via form
  • Curate, categorize and edit submissions
  • Show public gallery (custom layouts and slideshow available)
  • Individual artwork pages optimized for social sharing
  • Option to purchase via PayPal (and mark as sold)


  • Ameliorates Corona Virus limitations
  • Expands geographic reach
  • No data re-entry, import/export capabilities
  • Enhances online promotion of sponsoring organization and individual artists.

Artworks Trenton 10 x 10 Exhibit

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