How to Center an Image with CSS

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This post originated from our #WhiteboardWednesdays social media campaign on Instagram. Follow Us @Inforestcom Horizontally Centering an Image Method 1 The Text-Align Center method uses a wrapper and text-align: center properties. This is an older method. I’ve seen various discussions … Continued

Graffiti Artist to Web Designer

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I always have had a love for art. At an early age I loved to draw and create things with blocks. When I was in first or second-grade graffiti and hip hop came into the limelight with movies like “Style … Continued

The Livin Room Series website by Inforest Communications

The Livin Room Series Re-Launch

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We recently re-launched The Livin Room Series with a load of new features and functionality. The client is an up and coming production company, Stop Lying Productions. The site is set up and using Gutenberg blocks and a custom Bootstrap … Continued

Follow us on Instagram

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We starteted our Instagram account on Earthday! Our first post being a Mural, “Growth” by Leon Rainbow So check us out as @inforestcom on instagram and give us a follow. We plan on posting cool stuff about web design and … Continued

DrupalCampNJ Bootstrap Paragraphs

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We recently attended DrupalCampNJ it is always a well organized and informative training camp. The camp takes place annually in February at the Friend Center, Princeton University. I always enjoy the session but also meeting and talking shop with other … Continued

Sass vs Less

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What is Sass (SCSS) and Less? Sass and Less are pre-processors that extend CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). They add features that allow variables, mixins, functions and many other techniques that allow you to make CSS that is more maintainable, themeable … Continued

Designing with the development in mind

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This post is a follow up to my previous post, Best practices for mobile friendly Web design, which I wrote a couple years ago. Having recently worked on several projects with graphic artists from print backgrounds, I am reminded how … Continued

Non-Standard Bootstrap Headers

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When we were asked to do a re-design for the The Concord Advisory Group Ltd. we used the Bootstrap toolkit, which provides a framework of pre-made components for building websites and Web User Interfaces. We like Bootstrap because it is responsive, mobile-friendly, … Continued