Responsive Web Design

33% of traffic to your website is from phones and tablets, that’s one out of three people viewing your site on a mobile device! A site that is optimized for navigation and the display of content on smaller screens means more opportunities to delight visitors and increase conversions for your product or service.

Drupal, WordPress and other Content Management Frameworks

a reliable, open source content management system can reduce development costs and risks, as well as provide clearer paths to expansion and future enhancement. Leveraging Drupal or WordPress not only empowers organizations with the ability to create and edit Web pages, but provides a multi-faceted, collection of tools for organizing and displaying an array of information, from product details to multimedia galleries. In addition, existing and custom modules can be integrated to add capabilities in e-commerce, calendaring, web forms and more.

Custom Application Development and Consulting

often there is a particular business need that can’t be met wholly with existing software, or there is a need to integrate a website with a specific application or service that is not yet widely supported. Inforest builds stand-alone Web applications, as well as custom Drupal modules and WordPress plugins when off the shelf solutions aren’t readily available.

SEO and Web Marketing

online search success is a mix of both technical and creative energies to prove and maintain your website as a valuable destination in the eyes of both visitors and search engines. Inforest’s SEO work leverages the heavy lifting of top-notch Webmasters coupled with a holistic approach to matching content and keywords to best reach your target audience.

Graphic Design and Creative Services

providing original graphics and orchestrating typography and layouts to build Web pages and user interfaces which are consistent with an organization’s brand and other marketing efforts. Also offering research and copywriting for a Web audience, including keyword selection, tight narratives and strong calls to action to drive conversions.