What Makes a Great Website? It’s all about You and your Audience

Ultimately your website is an opportunity to confirm your brand, your mission and your message to your audience. 

At Inforest Communications, we delight in creating an unique website that enhances, your marketing and communications goals.  We are excited about Web design; we enjoy the challenges and we are proud of the impact our work has had toward the success of our clients.

Strategy and Content

Inforest Communications works with clients to best organize website content so that the information presented is easy to consume and navigate.  We help clients better understand and present themselves to their clients and prospects. With sales and other conversions in mind, we hone copy and media to help turn web pages into conversations with potential customers.

“Responsive,” “Mobile Friendly” Web Design

The Web is increasingly a smartphone dominated medium, so a website needs to be developed with the mobile experience in mind.  Current web design techniques include coding a website in such a way that the layout will change to accommodate the narrower width of handheld screens as well as provide alternate tools for finger touch navigation.  This results in a visitor experience of delight, not frustration, and thus better results for our client’s online marketing efforts.

Accessibility and Search Engine Optimization

Related to the idea of being “mobile friendly,” we have a responsibility for our websites to be welcoming to the visually impared.  Inforest works to incorporate current Web accessibility guidelines into every project we manage, whether mandated or not.
Did you know that some of the most important visitors to your website doesn’t perceive it in the way you intended?  Search engines visit and navigate websites without the benefit of visual context, providing us an opportunity to create additional contextual information within the code of the page and improve its rank in associated search results.

Pulling it all Together

With over twenty years of experience in website design, Inforest Communications brings a perspective informed by both the technical and marketing challenges of our craft.  While we work within a range of different objectives on each project, we have the expertise to break conventions and overcome challenges that stymie our competitors. Each of our clients is unique, and we work to see that their distinctive voice and presence is fully expressed in the websites we design for them.