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After a long hiatus, i have released an update to the SuperCali PHP Event CalendarVersion 1.0.8 is a maintenance release to fix errors from depreciated ereg and ereg_replace functions, as well as fix a security issue with the show_event.php page.

I realized that SuperCali had unfortunately turned into “abandonware,” as I kept putting the script to the back burner as I was addressing current projects.  I’m sorry for this.  I will endeavor to keep the script current and/or see it’s transition to other avenues where the code will enjoy wider support.

One of the key headaches of managing SuperCali was the support forum, which despite my best efforts, was overcome by spam.  Thus, for now, if you have any general questions, suggestions or bug reports, please post them in the comments below.  If you have a specific issue, please feel free to contact me from the SuperCali Contact Form.

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