The Benefits Of Having a Website In 2020

With Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and other social media platforms why do we need a website? The most important reason is that you have ownership and control of the content on your website. Having a website also helps you increase your business credibility, build your business, better promote your business, and reach a wider audience. In today’s digital world it is important to stay connected to your clients and business associates, and a website can be an important part of that effort.

Control Your Content

Social Media platforms like Instagram and Facebook are great tools to promote your business but when you post on social media platforms you technically don’t own the content. Instead, use the platforms to drive traffic to your site.

Platforms can change their terms of service frequently. Meaning that the way things worked before may not work in the future. A few years ago we used to promote events on Facebook by using Facebook events. Now to get the same results you need to create an Ad that costs money.

Social Media networks can also change in popularity. MySpace used to be the most used social media network, which was replaced by Facebook and now Instagram. At any time social media networks can become obsolete like MySpace or Google+.

Increase Your Business Credibility

Having a website helps clients trust a business over another business that doesn’t have a website or has an unprofessional looking site. When someone looks at your website it is a reflection of your company as a whole. Is your design professional and clean? Is your content up to date? Does your website work on mobile devices?

Build Your Business

Websites can help find clients or get sales leads but also can help you find qualified team members.

Most clients today are used to dealing with businesses with websites. Also, without a site you are missing out on getting potential leads from people searching online using Bing or Google. It also makes it easier for previous clients to send you referrals.

If you need people to help work with you or run your business you can add a Job Opportunities page to help find qualified individuals

Promote Your Business

Online marketing is much easier and cheaper than traditional forms of advertising. It is also one of the only forms of advertising that you can track your progress so that you get a good idea of how effective your campaign is.

Social media is another great tool that can help you get leads and sales, and drive traffic to your website.

Reach A Wider Audience

Having your own website allows you to have access to leads and sales throughout the world. Brick and mortar businesses only work if clients come to your location. Websites can bring you business at all times of day and night.

Using Social Media is a great way to promote your business, but in no way should replace an actual site. Websites allow you to control your content, increase your business credibility, helps you build and promote your business and reach a wider demographic.