What is WebP and Why Do I Need It ?

WebP is a image format created by Google that compresses images for the web 25-35% smaller than JPG/ PNG with virtually no visible difference. Page speed is one major factors of your SEO Performance. Images make up a major part of a websites payload.

Basically, it is possible to drastically reduce your server load, speed up your website, increase your SEO rating by serving WebP images over JPG/PNG.

WebP is a modern image format that provides superior lossless and lossy compression for images on the web. Using WebP, webmasters and web developers can create smaller, richer images that make the web faster.

WebP lossless images are 26% smaller in size compared to PNGs. WebP lossy images are 25-34% smaller than comparable JPEG images at equivalent SSIM quality index.

Lossless WebP supports transparency (also known as alpha channel) at a cost of just 22% additional bytes. For cases when lossy RGB compression is acceptable, lossy WebP also supports transparency, typically providing 3× smaller file sizes compared to PNG.

Google WebP

Precompiled WebP Conversion Tool From Google

Plugin Allows you to convert your images to WebP in Photoshop. You can use the Auto

Short Pixel allows you to convert your WordPress images on the fly. 100 images/ Month Free. Monthly and Pay As You Go Plans Available.

Use Node JS to process images to WebP. You need to download and Install Node.JS.

Use Imagemin Node package to convert JPG/PNG to WebP

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