While we didn’t set out to specialize in developing calendars, Inforest Communications has happened to write a number of calendar scripts over the years.

SuperCali PHP Event Calendar

SuperCali is an event calendar script that supports nested categories of events and multiple moderators, making it a good choice for organizations managing a large number of activities. SuperCali is designed to make data entry as easy and error-free as possible as well as provide a flexible, modular framework for displaying event information. SuperCali works with PHP and MySQL and is free, “open source” software released under the GNU General Public License.

phpRoomCal Room Reservation Calendar

Princeton University’s Electrical Engineering Department required an intranet calendar to reserve meeting rooms. It needed to be accessible by about 20 staff members, using multiple computing platforms. After evaluating available software solutions and finding them wanting, Inforest Communications developed a custom calendar script with unique capabilities.

These include:

  • the ability to view and schedule multiple resources without the risk of duplicate entries;
  • a dynamic table structure which displays reservation blocks relative to other events for each day;
  • an intuitive interface, accessible via any standard Web browser; and
  • password authentication with session management.

A demo calendar is available at http://phproomcal.inforest.com. Contact us if you would like a copy of this script.