Witherspoon Partners

Industry: Finance

Witherspoon Partners, a boutique business consulting and banking firm that works with both asset managers and investors, recently had Inforest Communications update their website from our proprietary content management system to the WordPress framework. This gave Inforest the opportunity to update the site design with a custom template to better communicate the mission of the firm and reinforce its brand.

Capitalizing on a strong connection to Princeton (John Witherspoon was a founding father and president of Princeton University), the website incorporates landscape images from the immediate geographic area that connect the firm to its community and its logo. Selective use of a scrolling parallax effect on some of the images and other subtile interactive elements add interest to the page. While most information on the company is presented on the home page, a news/blog archive is seamlessly integrated with the overall site design.

In addition to hosting our website and our email boxes, Inforest has designed three websites for us and our portfolio companies.  Their work is efficient, creative and always done with an understanding of what will help our business the most.  Inforest is a talented and dependable partner in our communications strategy.


Keith Danko

Witherspoon Partners