SuperCali PHP Event Calendar version 1.1.0 released!

The venerable SuperCali Event Calendar is updated to run on the latest version of PHP! Originally released in 2006, SuperCali had been downloaded over 10,000 times by 2008. While it seems the era of stand alone PHP scripts has past, there are still a number of sites still using our calendar software, including several of our clients.

After going through the code to rewrite various depreciated functions, I am impressed that, even with it’s relative age, it is still a very useful calendar program!

It’s interesting, however, to look at old code and appreciate how I might have better coded the program.  For example, I ended up repeating a lot of similar design elements in my code.

One key design change is to use “object oriented” programming techniques in order to better reuse code elements.  This can made updating the software a lot faster, and make it easier to further extend the calendar to new displays.

I’m toying with the idea of rewriting SuperCali as a WordPress plugin, but completely reworking to use techniques, such as “namespaces,” that we are working with in Drupal 8. This is one of the advantages of working open source software; learning by reading and modifying other people’s code and thus becoming a better programmer.

Do you have a question about SuperCali or have a specific issue?  Feel free to post a comment below and we’ll respond here.